Oh, the trials of trying to make great cheese.  Ruth Klahsen has been making great cheese at Monforte Dairy in Millbank, Ontario since 2004.  Sales have doubled every year but her landlord, as landlords are wont to do, jacked the rent up beyond a point that was feasible, forcing Ruth out of the space.  Not to be deterred, she has embarked full-steam ahead on a community-supported-agriculture type campaign to finance a new facility.  Investors are being asked to pony up through one of three subscription plans to help finance the new facility and in return will receive  a share of her wonderful cheese annually for five years starting in 2010.  $200 down gets you $250 in cheese; $500 grabs you $750 worth of her delicacies; and $1000 nets you $1500 worth of cheese to share with your friends.  It’s a great way to reshape the politics of food prodution in Ontario and given the demand for her output in Toronto cheese shops and restaurants, it’s a pretty safe investment.  I bought one of the last pieces of Ruth’s Toscano a few months ago and it was easily on par with some of Italy’s finest.  Ruth’s well on track with a spiff new website.  Check it out and lend her your support.