Cheese Rituals and Festivals

Cheese is one of those funny objects that people use in a variety of ways to build and reproduce social relations.  In other words, cheese doesn’t just have nutritional qualities, it also has social qualities that are expressed in the practices and rituals that people build around it.  This page is a way to keep track of some of those rituals and practices.  Drop me a line if you know of any other festivals, events, etc. and I’ll throw them up here.


2 thoughts on “Cheese Rituals and Festivals”

  1. Ah, you have missed the greatest of them all – the Annual Ceremony of the Christmas Cheeses celebrated on the first Wednesday of December each year at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. British cheese makers donates tons of cheese to the famous Chelsea Pensioners in recognition of their service to their country in war. It is presented by The Dairy Council on behalf of British cheese makers in a unique ceremony that ends with one of the oldest pensioners cutting a huge ceremonial cheese with a sword.

  2. Thanks Judith. Keep them coming if you know of others!

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